The Tom Thompson went Paddlin’ Past/Canoeing Weekend

One of the challenges with many canoe routes frequented by people from the GTA is that they are, well, just too darn popular. Cause really, if you drive the 401 every day do you really want to book your portage time in advance? Sunflower Farm is located in “Land O’Lakes Tourist Region,” and we are surrounded by lots and lots of lakes and rivers. But we’re pretty much undiscovered in a big way. If you just want a nice day of canoeing you can put in at the west end of “Fifth Depot Lake” and paddle downwind all day. I’ll pick you up at the east end of the lake. Have lunch on one of the Crown Land islands. A good chunk of the lake and surrounding shoreline is Crown Land.

Or if you’re a bit more adventurous, do the Depot Lakes route. I’ll put you in at Fourth Depot Lake and pick you at Second Depot Lake. These are the lakes that Michael Ondaatje (author of The English Patient) wrote about in “In The Skin of a Lion” where white pine trees were floated down the lakes through the Napanee river to be shipped to make tall ships in England. You’ll probably see log rollers and buccaneers en route… honestly! I wouldn’t make that kind of stuff up!

This is a peaceful, wonderful place to take a canoe trip. And if it rains, you can borrow our copy of “In The Skin of a Lion” and relax on the front porch and read it!