The Little Bit of Everything, Smorgasbord of Awesomeness at Sunflower Farm Retreat Weekend

I’m sure you’ve figured out that all these activities are part of everyday life at Sunflower Farm and you don’t necessarily have to just pick one specific activity. Bring your bikes, bring your hiking boots, bring your telescope, we’ll walk, we’ll cycle, we’ll watch stars if there are no clouds, sit by a pond, stalk a beaver, we’ll talk about how to be more energy independent, how to have a smaller carbon footprint, how to grow more of your own food, eat some of the food we can harvest while you’re here, and figure out what’s it like to live off-grid. It’s a hybrid weekend and the one most people enjoy.


And in case you missed anything while you were here, you’ll leave with a complete collection of our 4 books. Autographed too! Personally autographed! With your name! How awesome is that! (or not autographed if you want to regift them. We get it.)


So book your visit to Sunflower Farm soon. Give us an idea of what you hope to do while you’re here and you’ll either have our undivided attention (if you want) or we’ll leave you the heck alone to veg out. Whatever works for you. This is a truly awesome special place and we’d love to share it with you.


Michelle and Cam Mather