The Iron Person, Extreme Fatigue, Get Really Messy and Smelly and Exhausted Weekend

So you like those races where you crawl over walls and carry monster truck tires around on your back, but have kind of wondered “well, why am I doing this and not accomplishing anything from my efforts?” Well we’ve wondered that too! Cause we have a crapload of physical work that actually needs to be done, and it is exhausting, so why not get someone here to help who actually wants to see a big pile of wood at the end of their day to prove they didn’t burn those calories in vain. So come on out to Sunflower Farm! We’ll make you sweat! We’ll ensure you have really stiff muscles in the morning, and that at the end of the day you get more than just a gold ribbon. And no, we won’t charge you any less just because you’re actually accomplishing something because this is still a capitalist society and we like money as much as the next person. But we will commit to upping our game when it comes to how many calories we’ll provide for you to burn through at our warm farmhouse dining room table and ensure you’ve got lots of energy to do some real work. And yes, there’ll be desserts … so many desserts! And you won’t feel an ounce of guilt about them! Heck, I’m thinking maybe we should charge more for this one.




Okay, move this pile by lunch. No seriously. Pile it over there. No movee, no cakee!