The Homeschooling Weekend

Michelle is about to publish her book on our homeschooling experience. When gave our daughters the choice to be homeschooled when they were young and in the public education system, they choose homeschooling. So we’ll share our experience and the path our homeschooling/unschooling took. We have two very happy adult daughters, both with undergraduate degrees from university and our youngest who has just completed her Masters and talks of beginning her PhD studies. So if you have any questions or reservations come on up and let us reassure you and talk about some of our strategies, those that worked and those that didn’t. We all know the world our children growing into has little resemblance to the one we learned about … from textBOOKS … in desks … in rows …written on the blackboard … in chalk. What matters is your child being happy and motivated and joyful about learning. Homeschooling is an awesome way to instill that in your child and we loved it.