The Dark Skies “Billions and Billions of Stars” Weekend

Just north of us is the “Dark Skies Viewing” area. The area is renown for being a great place to watch the night skies because we are far enough from city lights. So rather than having to go there and wait for it to get dark, and then drive back to your place to sleep, why not come here and get an unbelievably amazing 360° view of ‘billions and billions of stars, and then just walk 10 metres to crash in your bed when you’re done? Or what about just laying in a sleeping bag on the grass to watch a meteor shower? You can do that too. We are soooo flexible.

We can’t guarantee a cloud-less, moon-less night (as much as Cam deludes himself to this ability) but we can tell you the weekends that offer the greatest potential and if you’re lucky come and be gob-smacked by the enormity of our universe and humbled by our little place in the big picture. It can be life transforming, honestly!