The Cycler’s Paradise Weekend

The easiest way to ruin a great bike ride is to be dodging vehicles all day. The beauty of being in the middle of nowhere is that there are way fewer people and therefore very few vehicles. We have some awesome roads and trails! In fact, the road from our place to Parham (30 kms) was just newly paved and it is absolutely fabulous for a road bike. If you’re a mountain bike person we can show you how to ‘ride around the block’ at our place, which should take you about 3 hours on some fantastic ‘roads’ which really are just mountain bike trails. And amazingly we have reasonable cell service so if you get in one of those “let’s just go a little farther” modes and your knees say “that was a dumb idea” (as I have been known to do), we can come and get you and your bikes. If you really love to cycle, we think this is pretty much paradise!