Is it Just Me Or Is It Hot Out Here?

Phew! What weird weather we’ve had this year. After the winter that never was, now we’ve had virtually no spring before jumping right into summer heat and humidity!

Needless to say it has been like a marathon around here, trying to get everything into the ground! We do the same balancing act every year… we want to get things in the ground and growing, but we worry about a late frost. One year we had a frost here in early June and we lost much of what we had planted and ended up having to replant! We don’t ever want to make THAT mistake again! So we always hold off a bit, and this year we had folks asking us during that hot weather in March if we had planted our garden yet! We assured them that we HAD NOT and when the weather turned cold again and we had the usually frosty nights in April, we were glad that we had held back!

It’s hard to imagine having a frost after this heat and humidity but Cam isn’t taking any chances. He’s planted some tomatoes, peppers and eggplant in our new “greenhouse” and he built a frame and covered our huge raised bed garden in the barn foundation with an enormous sheet of plastic. He pulls the plastic back during the day but covers it all up again at night to keep the heat in. So far, so good! He’s got a whack of tomatoes and peppers planted in there already, with more space ready!

It’s also been terribly dry here, so we are having to keep things watered while we are busy planting. Not a typical spring/early summer at all!

Okay, time to get back to the garden!


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